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About The Conclave

We want to enrich people's thought processes by making them experience a gamut of disciplines that will nurture them towards solving new engineering challenges and a plethora of market opportunities lying alongside them.



Mini startup accelerator program

Bootcamp is a four-week-long, Mini Startup Accelerator cum B-Plan Competition that provides early-stage startups with the requisite expertise and skills to make it big in the outside world.

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Product Construct

Product management case study competition

The case study competition is designed to attract and engage budding early talent to creatively respond to live and realistic product challenges. This competition will give students an opportunity to stretch their imagination and come up with innovative solutions to the day-to-day challenges faced by the start-up.

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Business case study competition

Unconference is a case study competition and much more. It's a growth-challenge, whereby the participants are tested of their problem-solving ability, business acumen, cultural insight, communication skills, and teamwork within a limited time period and a rigorous crash course.

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Promoting Entrepreneurship among students.

E-21 ingrains 21st-century skills and activates students’ entrepreneurial mindset while they learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and create and pitch original business plans.

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