A sustainability case study competition.

E-Summit IITM 2022


Solve to Save is the perfect opportunity for students to get to know about the existing problems in society and to bring about a change in the world. This time we have presented a case study which revolves around sustainable campus. This is aimed at increasing the creative solution-making skills of students and the advantages of the in depth research needed to complete the case study. It's more than just a competition, be the change you always wanted to be.



To bring out the creative solutions for socio-environmentally pressing concerns from some of the best minds in the country, at the same time empowering them with the necessary skill and thought process of taking up responsibility, studying about the various problems persisting in society and to bring up solutions which will help the future generations to lead a better future!


Provide a platform for the best minds to come forward and take up the challenge of deeply studying a persisting problem and drafting the best solution for it with the aim of encouraging students to take up challenges and paving way for the future generations to make the world a better place to live in.



  • Prize pool: ₹40k

  • Mentorship Program: A session would be held for the qualifying teams to guide them through the case study.

  • Certificate of participation: The shortlisted teams after training, would receive a certificate of participation if not cleared for the final pitching round.



Round 1: Prelims

A powerpoint presentation of the solution to the case study should be uploaded within February 19, 2022. The results of the prelims round will be out by the February 28th, 2022. Further training will be provided in later stages to further better the case study structure.

Mentorship Round
Mentorship to be provided to the shortlisted few teams, for them to better gauge the real-time problems, orient the solutions accordingly and fine-tune their policies and prepare content for both the final presentation.

Round 2: Finale

The final presentation of the solution to the case study should be uploaded within the March 4th, 2022. The powerpoint should be presented before a panel of judges on the March 5th, 2022. The panel will be asking questions after the presentation and teams will have to answer them accordingly. The results will be out on the same day.



  • All college students can participate in the competition.

  • A participant can only participate through a single team.

How to Participate?

Register here. The Case Study Problem will be uploaded on the platform on February 19th 2022. The deadline for submissions for Round 1 is on February 26th, 2022.


  • ...

    Problem Statement Released

    20 February, 2022

  • ...

    Registration Deadline

    19 February, 2022

  • ...

    Round 1 Deadline

    26 February, 2022

  • ...

    Round 1 results

    1 March, 2022

  • ...

    Mentorship session

    2/3 March, 2022

  • ...

    Final PPT submission

    4 March, 2022

  • ...


    5 March, 2022

Case Study Sponsor


Is there any team limit for the case study?

Yes, the team limit is from 1-4.

Who would be mentoring the qualifying teams?

A panel of experts in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship would be taking over the session.

When will the results of the finale be out?

It will be out on the same day of the Finale

Is there any slide limit?

There is no particular slide limit.The slides should be aquedate so that the presentation is over within 10 minutes sharp.

For queries, contact:

+91 9453981393 Aryamaan Singh
+91 9446041786 Rithwin K Ashraf