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E-Summit IITM 2022

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E-Summit IITM 2022


“Never invest in a business you can’t understand”

The only thing going up today is inflation and just earning will not suffice your needs. To counter that you need a good risk appetite, a critical understanding, strategic planning or to sum up investment. Skills ranging from communication to research, creativity to problem-solving is what a person must have to make a mark in the investor’s mind. To foster the emphasis on innovation and raising money, Youth conclave 2022 presents “Invaso”, as an attempt to help young minds understand the process of building an idea and raising money.



An innovation fest that entails the journey of building a product from scratch. Simulating the struggles of an entrepreneur to raise the first funding for their idea. Invaso attempts to promote innovation, develop strategic planning and identify, usher, and appreciate the participants.


Prizes worth INR 12k for the winner and 9k & 6k for the first and second runner-ups, respectively.

Free passes to the Pitching Workshop held during E-Summit 2022, for all the members of the top 12 teams who make it to the final round.



  • Anybody with the zeal to experience the power of investment and pitching can participate, as long as you are registered.

  • Participants are supposed to register in teams of 1 to 3. If you do not have enough team members and wish to team up with other participants, we can team you up.


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Round 1: Ace Your Brain

A shortlisting quiz consisting of logical and real-life situation-based questions to test your decisiveness. The top 35 teams will be shortlisted after this quiz for the further rounds.

Round 2: Mix N' Match

The second round of Invaso, Mix N’ Match, is all about bringing out the non-conventional innovative side of entrepreneurship. In this round, you’ll have to think of two already existing products to create a new hybrid product, which can serve a better purpose. Eg: Combining a skateboard with a stroller might sound weird but it would make the life of super busy mothers very convenient and energy-saving. Every team will have to think of a hybrid product and propose a 2-slide plan for their product, including their purpose, price, promotion(tagline, product name, etc), and target audience. No technical details like product design, feature specifications must be included in the slides. The best 12 ideas will be shortlisted for the final fundraising round, Product Gallery.
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Round 3: Product Gallery

Pre-round Task:   The descriptions of every team's idea and their contacts will be shared with the rest of the teams. They’ll have to make a thorough analysis of each product, find the loopholes and be ready with their questions to shoot on the peer teams.
Crowdfunding Rounding:   Every team will get a chance to pitch their product in front of the crowd (other teams) to raise funds for their idea. After every pitch, there will be a Q&A round where one person from each team will ask questions to the presenting team.
One by one each team will pitch their product in front of the other teams. Once all the pitching is done, all the teams will have to rank the other teams and nominate the top 3 teams for the final crowdfunding of 12k, 9k, and 6k, respectively


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    Round 3 (Product Gallery)

    4th March 2022

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    6th March 2022

  • FAQs

    Can you use a hybrid product that is already there?

    No, your product should be unique. It could be inspired by an existing product

    How many shortlisting rounds will be there?

    2 shortlisting rounds, round 1 (top 35) and round 2 (top 12 from remaining).

    What is 3rd round(Product gallery) in short?

    In this round, you are a pitcher when you are presenting your hybrid product (that you prepared in round 2) and an investor when you are listening to the other team's presentation.

    For queries, contact:

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