Make decisions that matter

A competition simulating the interactions within a Corporate Boardroom through a case-study.

E-Summit IITM 2022


Boardroom is an event focused on giving the participants an experience of a board meeting. The participants take roles of different board members and get an opportunity to solve a unique case study and make big decisions spontaneously.



The vision of the boardroom event is to give the participants an experience of a board meeting. In a normal case study competition, the discussions among the team happens in an informal way without anyone having fixed roles. Our vision is to give participants a unique event where each participant has a fixed role and the discussion happens in a formal setting.


Prize pool worth INR 30K for the top 3 participating teams.

Opportunity to work and compete with like minded people who are as enthusiastic as you.

Network and connect with renowned leaders and entrepreneurs.



Anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship, management or business is eligible to participate. There is no restriction in terms of education or age.


Round 1:Preliminary

The teams will be given a small case study and they will have to submit a small report containing the answers to the questions that have been asked.

Round 2: Boardroom Discussion

Each team will be given a case study which they will have to solve in the given amount of time. Each team will have one CEO and 2 directors. The CEO will be responsible to drive the discussion during the meeting while the directors try and solve the case.

Round 3: Media Round

The teams will be given a 30 min break after the case study round where they can go through the solutions of other teams. After this break, Each team appoints a media person, who is allowed to question the CEO’s of other teams about their solution.


  • ...

    Launch and Round 1 problem statement

    21th January,Friday

  • ...

    Closing submissions

    23rd February,Wednesday

  • ...

    Round 1 results

    1st March, Tuesday

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    5th March,Saturday

  • ...


    6th March, Sunday


Is team registration necessary?

Yes, you must register in teams of 3 only

Is the CEO allowed to help in solving the case study


Can the directors answer the questions asked by the media person

No, only the CEO is allowed to answer the questions

For queries, contact:

+91 9620774230 Abhipraay